Yacht club or boat share club – what’s the difference?

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The new way to go boating – with a boat share club

A ‘club’ is generally formed to unite people with a shared interest, which historically is true of many yacht and sailing clubs. Now, there’s a new breed of boat club emerging in the boating world. Different to traditional yacht clubs they offer something called boat sharing.

Boat share

These new clubs allow you to boat share rather than needing to own a boat yourself. Whereas, many traditional yacht or motorboat clubs are based around the idea that you own a boat and join the club.

For prospective power boaters, this can seem like a fairly expensive starting point! The new breed of boat share clubs works under a different model called ‘membership boating’ and is based on the concept of sharing assets.

Membership boating – for a monthly subscription

Typically, the traditional yacht club expects you to pay annually, and in some cases you even have to be ‘proposed’ by an existing member! In addition to the annual fee, there’s often a joining fee too.

Clubs like Boat Club Trafalgar offer an alternative for boaters. With the membership boating model you simply pay subscription on a monthly basis.

Use many boats instead of just one

Instead of owning a single boat that’s your responsibility, your membership subscription gives you access to a variety of club boats which you can book up and use. This means you get to use different types of boats, and can choose the boat most suitable for different activities, if you plan to go to the beach with friends, go fishing or stay on board.

Berthing & maintenance – it’s all provided

Some traditional clubs can offer boat berthing, on club owned swinging moorings or they may even have their own marinas. However, it’s more often the case that you join the club and then need to keep your boat at a nearby marina or berthed with the local harbour authority, and pay the commercial going rates.

You will also be responsible for maintaining your own boat, your mooring tackle or road trailer too, which can take up a lot of time. With a boat share club, the boats are kept well maintained for you, and costs like insurance and berthing are also taken care of too. In fact, you don’t need to spend any time on any of the details or preparation.

Going boating – how it works

What all yacht and boat clubs do have in common is the shared interest and passion for boating. A club is a great way to meet like-minded people enjoy more boating and social time together. Yet you can spend a lot of time getting your boat and equipment ready to go on a trip out

At Boat Club Trafalgar members simply book the boat they want, on the date they want, via a mobile App. When they turn up the boat has been brought out of the indoor Drystack boat store, fuelled up and is launched and ready to depart.

Focus on having fun

Many traditional club memberships also have another requirement – on your personal time. A degree of volunteering or ‘doing duties’ is often expected, be it manning the bar, organising socials or driving a rescue boat.

At Boat Club Trafalgar there is no volunteering requirement. In fact, everything is laid on for you, including regular socials and on water trips for members.

This new model of boat club is designed to save you time and hassle, and is an affordable way to go boating. So, you can just concentrate on the fun part – going afloat!

Get away from it all and experience the freedom that boating offers.

Discover the better boating way.

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