Top 5 reasons to join Boat Club Trafalgar

Top 5 reasons why people choose our membership boating club

Recently, we asked our members exactly what it was about our boat share club that are their main reasons why they joined the Boat Club.

1. Ease of access to go boating
In at number 1! A staggering 96% say that making it easy to get afloat in a boat is the clear winning reason why our members join Boat Club Trafalgar. 

This is what we are here for – so we are thrilled with this result. Our team love the freedom, adventure and sheer escape from ‘real life’ that boating brings. We just want to share that sensation and ensure everyone can have the chance to experience it.

As lifetime boaters and professionals in this industry, we are also aware that boating can be perceived as quite hard to get into or to find out how and where to get started. And that it can sometimes take up a lot of time and money.  We believe it doesn’t have to be that way.

Which is exactly why our founder Jonny Boys dreamed up the concept of Boat Club Trafalgar. He realised that if everything to get you on the water was available as a ready-made package it would solve this for so many more people. The experience of learning to handle a powerboat and going afloat whenever you want would become completely straight forwards and hassle free.

Ease of access to go boating is quite simply a change of approach. Having access to a fleet of high quality boats, to book whenever you want and without having to ever own one, has proved a game changer for our members.

“Having lived in the Portsmouth area for 40+ years I fancied having access to boat. This seemed perfect to find out if it was something the family would want to get into…”

Making it easy for people to get afloat and start boating for the very first time, is fundamental to our company mission to make your life easier, enjoyable and fun so that you can focus on the important stuff…. relaxing as hard as you like with total peace of mind.

2. Convenience …and  no boat maintenance

Nearly three-quarters of our member feel convenience is right at the heart of what being a Boat Club member is all about.

We use the analogy of ‘valet boating’. Imagine having a fleet of high quality, ready serviced luxury limousines at your disposal – except these are premium brands of RIBs, powerboats and motor boats. Some of them are very sporty and on others you can stay the night, go fishing, tow wakeboards or skim across the waves.

boat share club

From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, everything from the boat maintenance and daily care to insurance and safety equipment are all taken care of for you.

“Great staff. You really know how to make your customers welcome.”

There’s no boat cleaning or time spent launching the boat, pulling it out, sorting the engine, and all the rest of the paraphernalia that goes with owning a boat. Our team are here to do all that for you, help with advice, training and getting the most out of your membership.

Making your boating convenient is our core focus so you can enjoy ‘More Time Out’.

3. Unlimited boating
Nearly half of our members say they have joined because of our philosophy of flexible access and unlimited use of our boats.

Luna Ballistic 6.0M

Sometimes you want to plan ahead, and sometimes you see the forecast is changing and want to do something tomorrow. Core to our Boat Club service is always to have sufficient boats to match our membership numbers. Which is why two new boats are arriving soon, and there will be more in the coming months. 

Combined with our simple booking system, done via a mobile App, this allows you to book four sessions ahead. Each time a session is used, you can book another one, so you can always have a rolling total of four bookings. It keeps it fair and equal access for everyone, and if you wanted to you could book a session each day of the year!

4. Quality of boats 

Close behind in at number 4 is the quality of the Boat Club Trafalgar fleet. High quality, premium brand boats, engines and equipment are fundamental to our members fleet.

Boat Club Trafalgar - boat share membership

We carefully select each boat from top manufacturers and assess the specification to match our members activities. Which means we have a range of boats in our fleet – some with cabins, some without, some are more like a sports car, and some are more like a quick motor caravan, with heater, a toilet and berths (beds) where you can sleep overnight.

“Boats ready to go and always clean”

All our boats are maintained by our Boat Club team to a very high standard, and just in case things do go wrong you are covered by Sea Start when you are afloat.  That’s the marine equivalent of the AA or RAC.

5. Spending time with family and friends

The fifth top reason why our members join Boat Club Trafalgar is to spend time with family and friends.

The sheer importance of spending quality time with our friends and family has certainly been brought into sharp focus by the pandemic and is something that is considered to be very precious. There’s nothing better than sharing great experiences together, creating laughter and memories.

One of the pure joys about spending time with your favourite people out on a boat is there are few other interruptions or distractions. Your time is committed together, there’s a journey plan and adventure to be had. Whether it’s going for lunch at a delightful waterside restaurant such as The Hut, or a beach trip for the kids (and the grown ups!) to Priory Bay.

“Getting the kids involved in new exciting activity”

“Doing something with Liz”

Being on the water is so good for your physical and mental well-being (and that’s proven by research too and not just our opinion), as well as being a whole lot of fun too! 

Read more about the benefits of boating for your health on our sister company’s blog at Thornham Marina.

And finally, we were very touched in the survey at the number of comments about the Club and our team being among the other reasons our members joined:

“To be honest, I quickly realised how friendly the environment is”

“Friendly helpful atmosphere of club”

“The people at Trafalgar”

Thank you to all of you who took the time to tell us how we are doing and why you chose to join Boat Club Trafalgar.

Read more about our booking system and other membership considerations.


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