Share a boat without losing your friends

Share a boat without losing friends

Boat share – without tears

The idea of sharing a boat to reduce costs and share the workload, often sounds like the perfect solution to getting afloat and offsetting some of the costs.

Yet, often we hear stories of partnerships with friends becoming a stressful or unhappy experience. Agreeing calendars, holiday access, cleaning up after use, doing boat maintenance or paying the bills. There’s plenty of opportunities for friction to build up and spoil friendships.

Sometimes just when it’s your time to have the boat, the weather doesn’t play ball either! But with an agreed schedule between friends to share a boat, it can often be hard to switch dates at short notice.

If you want to get afloat, with less cost, no maintenance and your friendships intact, Boat Club Trafalgar offers an alternative form of boat sharing.

Share a fleet

Instead of buying a boat, you buy a membership. It’s a concept that fits with the shared economy, and the likes of AirBnB and Audi On Demand.

A monthly subscription means you don’t have to own the boat to use it. It quite simple buys you access to a fleet of boats – a mix of Ballistic RIBs (rigid inflatable boats), Finnmaster and Beneteau motorboats.  Suitable for visiting the beach, fishing, overnight stops and pure fun, there’s is a boat for every occasion.

As a club member you can choose and book whichever boat suits, for as many trips out in a year as you wish.  Then just book in, untie and go, without the ties of sharing with friends.

There is no catch

There’s none of the boat preparation to worry about either, which can eat into your time and give rise to grievances if someone is not doing their fair share. Since the Boat Club team take care of all boat maintenance, cleaning, storage and launching, there’s absolutely nothing to fall out about with your friends. 

Instead, you get to turn up and impress your friends, with ‘your boat’ that’s fully fuelled, ready and waiting on the dock.

With none of the stress or anxieties traditional boat sharing can typically cause, all you have to do is step aboard, load up the picnic and take off for a great day out. 

Come and make new friendships too with other enlightened Boat Club Trafalgar members.


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