Joining a Boat Share Club: Your Gateway to Powerboat Adventures

Everything you need to know before joining a boat share club

Ahoy, adventure enthusiasts! If you’re captivated by the allure of powerboats and have been dreaming of cruising the open waters, joining a boat share club might just be the ticket to turn that dream into reality. Think of it like your own private fleet of luxury limousines with a friendly team on hand to help you. But before you set sail, let’s delve into some essential considerations that will help you make an informed decision and maximize your boating experience.

How do I choose the right Boat Club?

Joining a boat share club opens up a world of adventure and allows you to indulge in thrilling boating experiences without the burden of boat ownership. The first  thing to check is the fleet itself, are the boats on offer what you wish to get out of boating? The big benefit with boat share clubs are the variety of boats to choose from.

What sort of boating can I do?

When you own a boat, maintenance can be time-consuming and demanding. But as a member of a boat sharing club, you can wave goodbye to the hassle of boat maintenance. These clubs often have dedicated staff who take care of routine maintenance and repairs, leaving you with more time out to relish your boating adventures.

So it’s a question of relaxing on the water by the beach, speeding through the water with friends or popping your fishing rod over the side and seeing what you can catch.

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Will I meet other members like me?

Absolutely! Boat share clubs are vibrant communities where you’ll have the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who share your passion for powerboating. Whether you’re a seasoned boater or a newbie, you’ll find a diverse group of members who are eager to connect, share experiences, and even embark on boating adventures together. It’s a fantastic chance to make new friends and create lasting memories on the water.

At Boat Club Trafalgar we offer shore side socials where our members can bring guests, plus regular on-water guided trips to show you the best destinations to visit and get all the local knowledge. After a fun day out on the water our members can take a load off at the Crate Café, chat with other boaters, and enjoy the chilled vibes and sundowners.

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Do I need experience to join a boat club?

Boat share clubs cater to boating enthusiasts of all experience levels. Whether you’re a seasoned captain or a complete beginner, there are clubs that welcome members with varying degrees of boating knowledge. Many boat clubs offer training or provide opportunities to learn from experienced members, ensuring that even novices can safely and confidently navigate the waterways.

At Boat Club Trafalgar you are provided the essential skills and knowledge with an RYA Powerboat Level 2 Certification included with all membership plans. We also run workshops to help improve your skills and knowledge on the water and help you to boost your confidence and experience.

How do the costs compare with joining other boat club memberships?

Owning a boat comes with substantial costs—maintenance, storage, insurance, and more. However, by joining a boat share club, you can enjoy the thrill of powerboating without the financial burden. Boat club membership fees are typically much more affordable compared to the expenses associated with purchasing and maintaining your own boat. This cost-effectiveness ensures that boating remains an accessible and enjoyable activity for all.

At Boat Club Trafalgar we really try to keep this simple to give you more time out, fully utilise your monthly fee and the fuel you use. Memberships start at £395 per month, with NO joining fee!

How easy is it to book a boat?

This can vary from club to club. Some offer a set number of bookings per year while others have a points system. Find out how far in advance you can reserve a boat and whether there are any restrictions during peak seasons. Understanding these aspects will ensure that you can plan your boating adventures well in advance and secure the boat you desire for your preferred dates.

At Boat Club Trafalgar we make the process easy, all our members get 4 bookings sessions that they can book via a mobile app. You can make a booking prior to 24 hours before the day you wish to go out up to 3 months before. The benefit is after each time you go out, the session you had booked, goes back into your account when you get home to rebook again.

What type of boats can I use?

One of the most significant advantages of joining a boat share club is gaining access to a wide range of boats. Having such variety at your fingertips allows you to tailor your boating experiences and try out different boats for various occasions. Understanding what boat you may want to use is a little bit daunting, however using several different boats will allow you to make sense of your requirements.

Also, take into account the location of the boat sharing club and its navigational limits. Some boat clubs may restrict boating activities to specific water bodies or have certain navigational boundaries. Ensure that the club’s operating area aligns with your desired boating destinations, allowing you to explore your favourite coastal areas or inland waterways with ease.

Can I stay overnight?

Yes, some boat share clubs allow overnight stays on their boats. It’s an excellent way to extend your boating adventures and explore new destinations at your leisure. However, the availability of overnight stays may vary from club to club, so it’s important to enquire about this feature when considering boat club membership. Imagine spending cosy nights under the starlit sky on your boat!

Boat Club Trafalgar offers a range of cabin cruisers that provide you a relaxing place to sleep on board and have an onboard toilet. We simply ask that you berth in a marina overnight for insurance purposes.

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What about the winter months?

Check your boat share club is available all year round, as like owning a boat some clubs may choose to take the winter months as a chance to do routine maintenance and may be stipulated like a normal owner to do so within their insurance.

However, with Boat Club Trafalgar our vessels are available to book all year round. Boating mid winter can provide you with glorious days, flat calm seas and crisp blue skies. We also have a heater installed onboard one of our boats, but even without this the advancement in thermal clothing means you can keep warm and comfortable to continue exploring a near empty Solent.

Ready to have a chat?

If you’re thinking about joining a boat share club, you’ll not only gain access to a versatile fleet of boats but also become part of a vibrant community of boating enthusiasts. Regardless of your experience level, we’d love you to come down to Boat Club Trafalgar today and find out more. It’s a great way to get a feel for our boats and learn all about how our Boat Club works.

We hold regular Taster Days that include a trip out on one of our boats for a spin round Portsmouth Harbour.

Our Taster days are free to attend. Get in touch today to book yours.

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